Bulgaria company formation

A Bulgaria company formation is the perfect way to enter Europe without having to many costs. Especially regarding saving taxes, Bulgaria is perfect to start a business. However, it can be a very unknown country for you. Possibly with procedures and organizations you don’t know very much of. To make sure you follow the correct pathways in starting a company in Bulgaria, you can contact Intercompany Solutions. This is a Dutch company headquartered in Rotterdam and specialized in corporate services. They have offices around Europe among which Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria and other countries. This means they know a lot about all procedures and legislations in these countries when it comes to starting a business. As an entrepreneur it is very exciting to start a business anywhere. You are enthusiastic and you can’t wait to start. For you, the main business is the most important, all administrative procedures may feel too much and complex. This is where Intercompany Solutions can be of help. For a Bulgaria company formation they can provide guidance, advice and information. This concerns all aspects, legal forms, investments, visa requirements and immigrations with regards to a Bulgaria company formation. With their contacts they are able to set up a good and stable fundamental for your company in Bulgaria. When all administrative procedures are in order, your company has a great start in this exciting country.

Why choosing a Bulgaria company formation?

Bulgaria is not a country everyone immediately thinks about when they want to start a company. Or want to start up a new setting in another country. When you look at the possibilities, it is not so strange. It has the lowest and most popular tax system in Europe, because of the following reasons:

  • Lowest setup fees
  • Lowest required capital of €1,-
  • Lowest tax on dividends in EU – 5% only
  • Lowest tax on corporate & personal income – 10% flat rate
  • VAT within the EU of 0%

These low costs are ideal when you start a Bulgaria company formation. If you decide to start a Bulgaria company formation, you should decide the company type to register. Bulgaria offers the following options for companies in its country:

  • Limited liability company
  • Single person limited liability company
  • Joint stock company
  • Holding company
  • Joint venture
  • Branches

Intercompany Solutions knows bests which procedures to follow when you start up one of the company types. All require different forms, documents and procedures and Intercompany Solutions knows best which are applicable for your Bulgaria company formation.

About Bulgaria and Intercompany Solutions

As part of the EU, NATO, the Council of Europe and the OSCE Bulgaria has a lot to offer for new companies. Also for non-EU entrepreneurs Bulgaria is an ideal country to discover the possibilities of the EU. Based in the Southeast of Europe you have access to all different sides Europe has to offer. Like for example the side of Serbia or Macedonia and the southern countries like Greece and Turkey. It gives your company a lot of opportunities to contact different companies in all surrounding countries. Let Intercompany Solutions guide and advice you in your Bulgaria company formation. They provide all-in-business start-up services and can take care of details like opening a bank account, registered office solutions and legal assistance. At this moment their clients are entrepreneurs, online businessmen and digital nomads. If you are not able to visit the office of Intercompany Solutions, they are able to take care of the procedures and administration remotely. Take a look at intercompanysolutions.com to find out where they can help you for a Bulgaria company formation.

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